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Boats can be a challenge to detail properly due to the unique gel coat applied to the exterior. Gel coats provide the very smooth & shiny [read more]
In the first edition of the Impossible Detail, the Detail King team restored a 1985 Mercedes 190c to its former glory. Now in the second edition [read more]
Follow our step by step process as the Detail King team takes an absolutely disgusting 1985 Mercedes 190c in the first ever edition of the [read more]
Acquire More Repeat Business In 2021 1. Adjust Your Business Model For 2021      Reassess Your Target Customer Who really is your [read more]
According to an article published by CNN Money on July 3rd, U.S. vehicle sales are behind 2016 levels every month this year. If that performance [read more]
Up-selling is the practice of encouraging your customers to purchase a comparable higher-end auto detailing service than the one in [read more]
Marketing opportunities exist for your Auto Detailing Business thru your local Chamber Of Commerce and is often  missed or neglected. [read more]
For detailers, this is a relatively inexpensive and simple way to increase the average per-vehicle revenue. It can bring in a completely new [read more]
Evaluate the condition of the vehicle by walking around and noting any damage, scratches or aftermarket items that could be damaged in the [read more]
Using painters tape, mask off plastic & rubber trim around windows and body panels. Also mask off windshield washer tips and any other items [read more]
How do you detail the inside of a car? What chemicals, brushes, and equipment do you need? In this segment of Detail King’s Auto Detailing [read more]
Click on the brushes to learn more about each. Specifc Area Item Number Item Number Item Number Item Number Item Number Wheel Wells 85-603 82-006 [read more]
Order Procedure Citrus or Magnum Special Force Brake Up Bug Off Tire and WW Cleaner Tar Remover Black Cherry Soap Clay Bar Nanoskin AutoScrub [read more]
Lake Country CCS Pads Lake Country Hybrid Pads Light Correction & Final Finishing Minor Paint Correction Medium Paint Correction Medium-Heavy [read more]
Task Products Tools Tools Clean Headliner Extractor Soap Magic Cleaner Hydra Sponge or Tornador w/ Interior Super Soap Clean Vinyl / Detail [read more]
When the economy slows down many auto detailing business owners that have not prepared for slow periods find themselves in trouble and nowhere to [read more]
Nick Vacco, Founder, Owner, and President of Detail King, started his career as a hard working proprietor of his very own personal auto detailing [read more]
Millions of people use Google every day to find places and businesses. Auto Detailing and mobile auto detailing businesses are being found today [read more]
Facebook has become the most popular visited website venue of all time. If you do not have a facebook page you need to create one right now. [read more]
Facebook has become a huge help for businesses on keeping engaged with their customers and the online community. It is the next best thing to [read more]
LinkedIn is a networking site for professionals and has more than 100 million members in over 200 countries. LinkedIn is a true “gold [read more]
If you use Facebook, be sure to visit Detail King’s Facebook page, where we regularly share information about deals on auto detailing [read more]
Foursquare is a location-based mobile platform that makes cities easier to use and more interesting to explore. This platform is ideal for [read more]