Getting Started With Your Auto Detailing Business

Advertising & Marketing Tools

In the auto detailing business, it is vital that you portray a professional image. Your automotive detailing business should present itself to the consumer in a consistent, neat and professional way. Here at Detail King, we have developed our advertising tools especially for detailing businesses, including a professionally developed service menu, auto detailing flyers and forms, and detailed checklists to assist you to promote and manage your automobile detailing business. Detail King makes software available so you can customize and print all the company collateral needed to separate yourself from your competition and get your message across effectively. Read More

Profit Potential

Owning and operating your own car detailing business is really a very lucrative business opportunity. Just think about it – Every car, pick up truck, van, mini van and even motorcycles is a potential customer! All you have to do (besides doing awesome work) is figure out how you are going to get the “message” out to the individuals and companies that own these vehicles and tell them all about your services. You will also need to develop the right detailing services and value packages so even the 80 year old little old lady can afford to have her ’69 Mercury detailed and the CEO of that fortune 500 company down the road from you can count on you having his new Jaguar washed and detailed every week. Read More

Detail King Authorized Licensee Program


Detail King is not a mobile auto detailing franchise. We offer an industry-exclusive program: The Detail King Authorized Licensee Program. Whether you operate your own auto detailing business or mobile detailing business, our licensee program will provide you with what you need to start and grow your business. This unique program will provide you with a protected home territory, advertising and marketing tools, professional sandwich sign or banner, use of our highly respected logo, your business listed on our World Directory of Auto Detailers, discounted pricing on supplies and equipment, invitation to attend our annual conference and ongoing support.

Detail King offers custom website design, mobile apps, text alert service and placement on our World Directory that is exclusive only to our authorized licensees. No one else in this industry offers a program like ours! Whether you are just starting out or want to take your current auto detailing or mobile detailing business to the next level, Detail King can assist you with accomplishing your goals. Because we are not a franchise, there are no monthly fees to pay. Why pay thousands of dollars to a franchisor when you can get better mentoring support and the tools you need to run your detailing business from the industry leader at a fraction of the investment? Read More