Motorcycle Detailing Products

Motorcycle Cleaning & Detailing Products

We carry a complete line of motorcycle cleaning and detailing products including Wizards Motorcycle Detailing Products. If you are looking to keep your bike’s chrome looking great consider our Medallion Chrome Polish, it not only cleans and shines but also protects. If you are looking for an awesome Motorcycle wash be sure to check out our Wizards Bike Wash For Motorcycles.

Add a show winning gloss and slickness to your motorcycles paint with Wizards Mist-N-Shine Professional Detailer For MotorcyclesThis product is perfect to give your bike a quick express shine! Keep your motorcycle looking Bling Bling! all year round with our awesome appearance kit – Wizards Appearance Value Kit which contains Bug Release, Mist ‘N Shine, Bike Wash, Metal Renew and Supreme Seal.

Motorcycles can be a challenge to detail, and require an extensive arsenal of polishes, metal polishes, degreasers, tar removers, sealants and waxes. Motorcycle enthusiasts have always known the pitfalls and rewards of properly cosmetically maintaining their bikes. Now professional detailers are beginning to realize the great opportunity that motorcycle detailing present.

Be sure to check out our Flitz Super Mini 2” Buff Ball. This tool will assist you to buff hard-to-reach areas in a matter of just seconds – safely and very easily! Perfect for polishing motorcycle hardware including plastic tail lights; for removing bluing, road grime and burn marks from pipes. The Flitz Super Mini 2” Buff Ball will also remove oxidation and light scratches from plastic windscreens.

This easy to use motorcycle detailing tool easily fits in and around the engine and is perfect to clean and polish mag or spoked wheels.

The Flitz Super Mini 2” Buff Ball won’t tear like foam does. Fits any 3/8 inch drill or air tool and buffs evenly with no low spots. You can buff at speeds up to 2,500 rpm. The Flitz Super Mini Buff Ball will not scorch or burn the clear coat paint and is washable and reusable.