Car Detailing Training Seminar 2 Day Class – California

Nick Vacco’s Car Detailing Training Class – Southern California

If your primary purpose in attending a Car Detailing Seminar in Orange County, CA is to learn the ropes about successfully operating your own business, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty! We’re not here to show you some videos, or have you memorize details from an outdated workbook, or deaden your mind with boring tutorials. The entire weekend you will be amazed with what you learn. Whether you have been in business for several years or just starting out our goal is to exceed your expectations. And according to our student testimonials we consistently accomplish that goal. The 2022 California Technician Program Seminar Dates are displayed below. Detail King Car Detailing Training Institute provides business training and hands on detailing training to both new and seasoned auto detailing entrepreneurs. Upon completion of the program each individual will receive a framed Certificate Of Completion. We also have a 3 day training program in Pittsburgh PA (Nick Vacco’s Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute) that teaches auto reconditioning services in addition to the auto detailing training. With the program in Pittsburgh all graduates will be awarded a diploma. Special Start Up Packages will be available to purchase at a discounted cost for the individuals attending our seminars in Orange County, CA.

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It is recommended that before you attend any advanced paint correction or Ceramic Coating class that you get the foundation built for both the Business Side and Hands On. It takes months or even longer to build up enough credibility in your market place to acquire customers that will pay $1000 – $2000 for a ceramic coating. So by getting trained and certified by Nick Vacco’s Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute will build a great foundation for your business and the next logical step would be to get more paint correction training so you can offer coatings in your marketplace.

If you’re attending Nick Vacco’s Detail King Car Detailing Training Seminar, you’re going to actually detail a specially selected vehicle from tires to rooftop — all with the assistance of our certified trainers, Detail King team members and your fellow seminar students. You will be assigned to a specific vehicle along with some of the other students and a team of Detail King Certified Trainers. You will actually be detailing a pre owned vehicle that has swirls in the paint, oxidation, water spots etc. The interior will be extra dirty with soiled carpets, dirty leather, stained cloth seats, horrible headliners and miserable windows and mirrors. Your goal is to turn that dirty, dull, and stinky vehicle into a front line ready vehicle, you will actually help increase the value of that vehicle by several hundred dollars. What this all means is you will learn how to knock your customers socks off! 10 Tips For Starting a Car Detailing Business.

Our 2 day Technician Program training seminars are held almost every month just in south Orange County. Day one is all classroom training, the intent is to teach you how to start, operate and grow a car detailing business, basically how to run a car detailing business. This is where you will learn about developing a sound business plan. You will also learn how to determine the demand in your area and what type of location you should choose or be a mobile operator. The course will also review the types of permits and licenses you may need. We will focus much of the Marketing & Advertising segments on how to Brand your business through the use of a web site and using the various popular social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and SnapChat. Request a brochure and a call from the Detail King training team!

Day two you’ll have the opportunity to try out all of the various car detailing equipment offerings and the many different detailing products and accessories that we offer through Detail King. This is where the rubber meets the road, with our certified car detailing trainers showing you the proper methods and procedures for using high speed buffers, DA orbital polishers like Rupes and Flex, interior carpet extractors, vapor steamers, Tornadors, detailing brushes, microfiber towels and just about everything else you would need to make a dull and dirty car look, feel and smell new again.

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Jimmy Williams, while a freshman in college enrolled and graduated from our training program a few years back. Jump forward 2 years later, Jimmy has been operating a part-time auto detailing business while majoring in Entrepreneurship and innovation at Butler University in Indiana. Detail King recently offered Jimmy a paid internship for the summer to work with our CEO Nick Vacco and the DK Marketing Team. To learn more about Jimmy’s journey since he graduated from our training course be sure to watch this video!

Be sure to check out the 3 videos below of “The Impossible Detail” that our previous classes accomplished with what we call “detailing one of the dirtiest cars in history.” In the first video a few our Detail King Team members removed the algae and moss. Then two recent training classes go to work on this 1982 190E Mercedes, Watch: Impossible Detail Exterior TrainingImpossible Detail Interior Training.

To get an idea of the course agenda, take a look at the detailed curriculum offered on Day 1 and the training you will undergo on Day 2.

Why Choose Detail King for Auto Detailing Training?

What makes us qualified to dispense all this knowledge and on-the-job training? First off, Nick Vacco, our president and founder, has been conducting car detailing training seminars since 2001, educating more than 1,200 students. Today, a staff of certified instructors with more than 70 years of combined experience assists him.

If you’re still hesitant about signing up for one of our certified auto detailing seminars, here’s what we’d like you to do. Shop around. Ask questions. For instance, ask how long have they been in business? Do you actually detail a real dull and dirty vehicle to it’s completion? Upon completion of the program do you receive certificate of completion signed by a veteran detailer of 35+ years? It’s your future, and starting off with a qualified auto detailing training program is absolutely essential to your success. This short video provides a perfect example of what you will see, and potentially learn, and hopefully execute after you become certified at training!

All Detail King Car Detailing Training Institute individuals that complete the course will receive a special Detail King Certified eLogo that you can place on your web site. When your customers click on it, it will connect to a special landing page on our web site that explains that you have been Certified by Detail King! This will help you book more appointments.

Graduates will also receive a 6″ “Certified Car Detailer” sticker that can be proudly placed and displayed on your mobile rig or your shop door. This will show your customers and prospects that you have been certified at the Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute which is actually a Big deal! This will help separate your business from your competitors as it will add credibility to what you do.

Certified Car Detailer

Seminar Details:

  • Presented by: Nick Vacco; Founder of Detail King & Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute
    Zach Youngquist; President of Detail King Express & Jason McBride; President of Bling Bling Detail King
  • When: View Upcoming Seminar dates below. Click here to view highlights videos from past ADTI seminars. And visit our Educational Seminar Testimonials page to hear what others are saying about our seminars.
  • Where: Orange County, CA – Both days of the Technician Program Seminar takes place at the Detail King Car Detailing Training Institute.
  • For lodging accommodations we recommend using the link below to find a motel or hotel that best suites your needs and budget. There are many reasonably priced lodging options if you are coming from out of town. This link will connect you to several motel and hotel lodging options in the San Clemente area:
  • Class Cost: Only $795 per person for both days of the car detailing training seminar. Also included is a continental breakfast; coffee, tea, juice and donuts, a catered lunch and refreshments each day. All training materials needed are provided for both days of classes including a presentation binder for the business day class.

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Who Should Attend the 2-Day Technician Automotive Detailing Course?

Here’s who should consider attending auto detailing training offered by Detail King:

  • Future car detailing business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Current auto detailing business owners,
  • Managers and sales personnel from anywhere in the country or abroad (you do not have to be from California to attend).

This course are meant for both mobile and fixed auto detail shop operators. If you are in the car detailing business or are thinking about starting your own part-or full-time detailing business, you should not miss our educational car detailing training events.

Car wash owners and operators are also urged to attend if thinking about adding car detailing or express car detailing an existing operation. For individuals who are interested in changing careers and seeking gainful employment in this field, our course will serve to be extremely helpful. The cost for this 2 day seminar is only $795 and includes a framed certificate of completion, signed by Nick Vacco, a 37 year veteran in the auto detailing industry.

Technician Car Detailing Course: Day 1 – Saturday

Technician Car Detailing Course: Day 2 – Sunday

Laying Out The Groundwork

  • Develop a business plan
  • Determine if there is a demand in your area
  • Investigate local environmental laws with EPA
  • Check out the competition
  • Permits and licenses needed
  • Business structure
  • Business bank account
  • Determine the types of vehicles you will detail

Setting Up Shop/Mobile Operation

  • Choose a location
  • Determine type of vehicle & mobile equipment
  • Purchase adequate insurance
  • Communication system
  • Acquire a business credit card
  • Set up merchant credit card acceptance
  • Investigate state, city and county laws
  • Environmental issues requiring compliance

Advertising & Promotion

  • Choose a business name
  • Develop an advertising budget
  • Create a company logo for branding
  • Design professional-looking business cards
  • Design a service menu
  • Create specialty flyers
  • Display your company name
  • Dress for success
  • Promote your new venture
  • Promote your expertise
  • Website & Internet promotion
  • Yellow page advertising
  • Direct mail & email campaigns
  • Print media advertising
  • Cold calling – face to face campaigns

Operational Issues – Exterior

  • Determine what type of reconditioning a vehicle needs
  • Determine paint condition
  • Check for environmental fallout
  • Check for paint overspray
  • Check for scratches and micro marring
  • Check for paint over-spray, tree sap, excessive tar
  • Check for rock paint chips
  • Check for faded plastic trim
  • Check for foggy headlights
  • Excessively soiled convertible roof
  • Loose emblems and trim
  • Excessively dirty wheels
  • Paint in wheel wells
  • Condition of glass – water mark etching

Operational Issues – Interior

  • Customer’s personal items
  • Vacuuming and air purging process
  • Pet hair removal
  • Seating surfaces condition
  • Excessively dirty carpets/mats
  • Faded carpets
  • Vinyl and leather condition
  • Red stains/coffee stain removal
  • Headliner cleaning/condition
  • Foul odor removal process
  • Vacuuming and air purging

History of Base/Coat/Clear Coat Paints

  • EPA and auto paint companies involvement
  • base coat/clear coat process
  • Pros and cons of base coat/clear coat paint
  • How to protect base coat/clear coat paint
  • How to sell paint protection to prospects

Auto Detailing Clay

  • Benefits of using clay
  • Different clay grades and their use
  • How to sell clay detailing services

Service Menu Review – Features/Benefits

  • Review engine compartment services and precautions
  • Review exterior detailing services
  • Review interior detailing services
  • Review added-value services
  • Review detailing packages
  • Review new vehicle protection packages
  • Review VIP plans/cosmetic maintenance
  • Review the spectrum of services

Equipment & Supplies Needed

  • Mobile wash equipment and trailers
  • Vacuums and extractors
  • Exterior detailing chemicals
  • Interior detailing chemicals
  • Supplies, products and tools
  • Towels, applicators and brushes
  • Detailing terms glossary

Marketing & Prospecting

  • Definition of marketing and prospecting
  • Chamber of Commerce program and benefits
  • Promote at car clubs and show
  • Automotive business networking
  • Opportunities at dealerships
  • Opportunities at on-site locations
  • Target market niches
  • Insurance companies
  • Affluent health clubs
  • Real estate agencies
  • Transportation companies
  • Stand-alone car washes
  • Office building blitzes
  • Doctors/hospitals
  • Flea markets
  • On-site promotions
  • Welcome wagon
  • Referral program
  • Overspray removal accounts
  • Car rental agencies
  • Police and county vehicles
  • Food delivery services
  • Pet mobiles
  • Kid mobiles
  • Collector cars
  • Tractor trailer cabs

Reoccurring Revenue

  • Doing the job is only half the job
  • 2 to 8 Rule
  • Customer retention
  • Marketing/sales funnel
  • Success and failure
  • Learn to listen to customer needs
  • Propose a solution
  • Understand the “buying signs”
  • Understand the “right to fail”
  • Understand the “opportunity to win”

Costs and Profit Margins

  • Understand your costs
  • Determine your margins
  • Look for ways to increase margins
  • Always maintain quality of service
  • Review hourly overhead formula
  • Determine what you should charge

Questions & Answers

  • The students are able to ask any questions to the instructors before the class ends.

Chemical and Equipment Overview

  • Polishes – glazes – compounds – waxes – sealants
  • Exterior soaps, degreasers, cleaners
  • Interior soaps and aerosols
  • Dress products for exterior and interior
  • Plastic trim dyes
  • Carpet dyes
  • Non-silicone products

Auto Detailing Tools and Accessories

  • Brushes
  • Chamois and wash mitts
  • Applicators and dressing pads
  • Towels and micro-fiber products
  • Detailing tools and accessories
  • Bottles & chemical storage

Equipment Being Used For The Day

  • High-speed rotary buffers (3)
  • Orbital polishers (4)
  • Hot water extractors
  • Air movers/interior dyes
  • Vapor steamers
  • High-pressure washers
  • Low-pressure washers
  • Air compressors
  • Generators
  • Mobile trailers

Exterior Wash, Prep and Engine

  • Check for any existing damage and document
  • Review washing steps
  • Tips to avoid scratching vehicle
  • Check for loose accessories
  • Select proper brushes
  • Select proper cleaners, degreasers
  • Wheels and wheel well cleaning
  • Door jamb degreasing
  • Bug removal
  • Engine compartment prep and cleaning
  • Moldings and trim cleaning
  • Prep rinse
  • Handwash and rinse
  • Plastic bag test for contaminants
  • Claying of vehicle
  • Chamois drying and water blade use
  • Tar removal
  • Tape uneven body panels
  • Tape plastic trim, cracks, crevices

Exterior Detailing Training: Paint Condition and Inspection

  • Oxidized and faded paint
  • Clear coat environmentally polluted paints
  • Tree sap overspray
  • Micro scratch removal (micro marring)
  • Water spots and acid rain removal
  • Road paint overspray removal
  • Surface scratches

Exterior Buffing, Polishing and Sealing

  • Deep scratch removal through wet sanding
  • Various paint blemish issues
  • Rotary buffer techniques
  • Compounding and glazing techniques
  • Orbital polisher techniques
  • Wax and sealant application
  • Dressing of tires, wheel wells and trim
  • Smear-free cleaning of windows and mirrors
  • Tips for the perfect detail
  • Final hand polishing and buffing
  • Removal of fine swirls
  • How to create a showroom finish even if paint was severely damaged
  • Ongoing paint cosmetic maintenance
  • Use of extra light-duty clay bar well after detail
  • Spray painting of exposed frame rails
  • Acid rain removal from glass
  • Final inspection of exterior
  • Presentation to customer

Interior Detailing Training: Inspection Of Interior

  • Check for damage components, missing buttons, levers, etc.
  • Check for and bag customer’s loose items
  • Check for unusual or potent odors
  • Look for red stains/coffee stains
  • Determine condition of leather and vinyl
  • Determine condition of upholstery

Vacuuming and Air Purging

  • Safety glasses • floorboards • under seats
  • Rear shelf • console • cracks and crevices

Interior Scrubbing Of Components

  • Headliner cleaning and precautions
  • Dashboard cleaning and detailing
  • Steering wheel and steering column cleaning
  • Door panel cleaning and detailing
  • Gas and brake pedal cleaning and safety precautions
  • Center console/glove compartment cleaning & detailing
  • Leather seat cleaning
  • Pre spot carpet/upholstery stains
  • Red stain/coffee stain removal
  • Traffic area soap application
  • Power scrubbing of heavily soiled areas including mats

Heated Interior Soil Extractor Usage

  • Major components of extractor equipment
  • Operation of extractor
  • Hands-on techniques for use of upholstery soil extraction
  • Hands-on techniques for use of carpet/mats soil extraction
  • Maintenance & prevention review of extractor
  • Check for faded carpets that may need dye
  • Apply fabric protection to upholstery/carpets

Trunk Cleaning and Shampooing

  • Wear protective eyewear
  • Clean trunk underside lid and quick wax if needed
  • Purge compressed air onto carpet/floor to loosen debris
  • Hand scrub with shampoo, then gently extract

Dressing, Chrome, & Plastic Trim

  • High-gloss dressing of all vinyl components
  • Low-gloss optional dressing of vinyl components
  • Aerosol spray dressing of AC vents/pockets/console
  • Conditioning of leather seating surfaces
  • Plastic and chrome trim hand polishing and smear removal
  • Wood grain cleaning and conditioning
  • Windows and mirror cleaning/polishing

Interior Final Inspection & Customer Prep

  • Check for smears and smudges
  •  Check for lint deposits
  • Check overall appearance of seats and carpets
  • Place static cling reminder sticker for next detailing service
  • Move vehicle outside and cover up or make contact with customer to have vehicle picked up or delivered
  • Customer presentation and walk around
  • Complete customer paperwork/ask for referrals

By now you realize that we cover a ton of information during this two-day class. Many of the individuals who have completed our course have gone on to become successful car detailing entrepreneurs as mobile detailing operators, detail shop owners, professional detailers, and detail shop foreman.


Technician Program Dates – Orange County, CA (All dates are Saturday – Sunday)

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