Best Tire Dressing For Cars

Detail King features the very best tire dressing for cars! Our selection includes automotive spray-on and sponge-on tire dressings and car trim dressings. Our professional grade silicone tire dressing lineup includes our premium solvent based, sling free Super Blue Tire & Rubber Dressing, our water based economical Black Out Tire & Rubber/Wheel Well Dressing and our super glossy water based TNT Tire Dressing  Gel.

If you are looking for a water based silicone dressing that is sling free and will outlast the competition’s tire dressings you must try our Laguna Beach Tire & Rubber sponge-on dressing. Working in or near a body shop? Our Non Silicone Tire & Engine Dressing will superbly do the job without the use of any silicates.

Got faded plastic and vinyl trim? Our Revival Bumper & Trim Conditioning Dressing makes dull and weathered vinyl trim moldings look new again – simply the best trim dressing on the market! We also offer an enormous selection of car tire dressing applicators and pressurized dressing applicator spray tanks. Be sure to also check out our exterior dressing packages.