Ozone Generator For Car Odors

Take your auto detailing business to the next level and offer car odor remover services by using a commercial grade ozone generator for cars, we offer several affordable models. Many of our ozone generator for car odors are powerful enough to also be used for odor removal in offices, homes and buildings. Don’t let the large selection of models confuse you especially if you are considering purchasing an ozone machine for an auto detailing business. The most popular Ozone Generators for Cars are the FM1 Ozone Generator, FM2 Ozone Generator, Pro 4 Ozone Generator and the Pro 44 Ozone Generator. If you only need a one-time car odor remover product then consider our Auto Shocker – the world’s first and only patented Chlorine Dioxide Vapor Generator! Keep in mind whether using an Ozone Generator or the Auto Shocker the source of the odor needs to be removed first. Detail King’s Bio-Zyme Enzyme Automotive Interior Cleaner is a synergistic blend of bacterial enzymes which breakdown organic stains, grease, and oils and should be used for cleaning the source of the odor first.

Of our Ozone Generators the FM1 is the most basic, just place it inside the vehicle, plug it in (leave a window down an inch to run the power cord thru to an outlet) and then turn it on. The FM2 has a regulator knob to adjust the amount of ozone, for cars with really bad odors it is best to turn it up the whole way. Do not allow ozone units to operate all night unattended. If you are going to perform ozone odor removal during your the hours when your business is closed, consider the Pro 4 which has a built in timer in addition to the regulator feature found in the FM2. The Pro 44 unit is more powerful than all of the previous models mentioned and can be used for RV’s, boats, large campers and large rooms. You can cut the operating time in half by using the Pro 44 in smaller applications like cars, trucks and vans. For commercial building applications the Pro 8 Ozone Generator is the Big Daddy of Ozone Generators and is extremely effective if used correctly.

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