Microfiber Detailing Towels

Detail King offers high quality microfiber products for auto detailing including microfiber detailing towels and microfiber wash mitts for a perfect swirl free wash and drying procedure. We also have specialty microfiber products that will help separate you from your competition and make your vehicles that you detail not only shine but be so impressive that your repeat business and referral customers sky rocket through the roof!

Be sure to try out our complete line of microfiber products including our microfiber aprons, applicators, wash mops, bug towels and microfiber buffing pads. To help keep your microfiber products clean and conditioned it is critical to use the proper detergent when laundering them. Our Micro Klean detergent is not only economical but does a great job deep cleaning microfiber textiles and keeping the soft and absorbent. To properly wash and care for your microfiber detailing product be sure to watch this video.