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Auto Detailing Training Classes

Auto Detailing Training Classes


Auto Detailing Training Classes

Auto Detailing Training Classes provided by Detail King Auto Detailing Institute is a Private Licensed Training School approved by the State Of PA Board Of Education. Our auto detailing training school is the only state board of education approved school in the country exclusively offering auto detailing training. Detail King ADTI provides the industry’s most comprehensive, auto detailing and reconditioning hands-on training programs, seminars, and classes available anywhere. Whether you are a seasoned veteran auto detailer or just starting out, auto detailing training. Detail King ADTI will provide the training necessary for you to learn the skills needed to operate a successful and proficient auto detailing business. Detail King continues to be the leader in their space, be sure to check out our all-new bigger and better Detail King Classroom where we hold the first day of our training seminar classes. The journey of the student begins on day one of our training seminars and throughout the weekend and prepares the student for his or her future to operate and grow their own successful car detailing business.

Auto Detailing Training Seminar Technician Program: 2-Day Class

At our Auto Detailing Training Seminar, the student will actually detail a designated vehicle completely with the assistance of his certified trainers and teammates. Unlike most auto detailing training seminars that we know of you will actually be “detailing” versus just watching demonstrations and viewing detailing tutorials. Our auto detailing training seminars are held monthly – Saturday and Sunday. The first day is held in the classroom and the instruction for that day will be based on “operating the business.” Training will include; introduction to developing a business plan for a mobile auto detailing business or detail shop, determining the demand, environmental considerations, know the competition, permits, and licenses needed, business structure, marketing, advertising and operations. The second day is held in our training center in our lower level of the Detail King facility in beautiful Plum, Pennsylvania. This session is the “hands-on” training day in which the student can try out all of the auto detailing equipment, supplies, products and detailing accessories. The instructors will show the proper techniques and methods for using the buffers, polishers, extractors, vacuums, brushes, towels, tools and detailing accessories. Read More

Auto Detailing Training Seminar Craftsman Program: 3-Day Class

Auto Detailing Training for our Craftsman Program is a Three Day Marketing & Hands-On Training Seminar Class that the enrollment is limited to usually only 8 students. This class is considered to be more of a “private auto detailing training class”. The First Day the student will be introduced to how to start, operate and grow his or her new auto detailing or mobile auto detailing business. It is basically the same course that we teach for the Technician Program except it is somewhat “customized” based on these particular students’ individualized needs. Because the Craftsman Program enrolls a smaller class than the Technician Program the instructor can focus more on each student’s business objectives. Knowing the “business side” of operating and managing your auto detailing business is just as important as the actual hands-on methods and procedures. The first day is held on Friday in our classroom at the Detail King facility in beautiful Plum, Pennsylvania.

On day two and day three (Saturday and Sunday) the student will receive in-depth hands-on auto detailing training instruction and also be introduced to other profitable auto reconditioning services that they can provide once they have started their auto detailing business. Completely reconditioned pre-owned automobiles are becoming the norm for the typical car consumer today. New car prices are high, and financing a new vehicle can be difficult. A reconditioned pre-owned vehicle is the way to go! You will be able to provide auto reconditioning services to the auto dealerships to make their vehicles more appealing. Besides having these vehicles cleaned and detailed the car dealers will want you to provide headlight restoration, plastic trim restoration, paint chip repair, carpet dying, interior repair, cigarette burn repair, and odor removal. Our Craftsman Program will prepare you for this and teach you how to obtain auto dealership accounts and also how to up-sell your retail clients from a basic auto detail to also purchasing these auto reconditioning services. The Craftsman Program is the perfect auto detailing training class for new business start-ups and current auto detailing business owners that want to “take their business to the next level.”  Learn More

Auto Detailing Marketing & Hands-On Training Videos

Detail King’s Auto Detailing Training Video DVD set is the next best thing if you cannot attend our Hands-On Business Opportunity Training Seminar held in Pittsburgh, PA. Obviously attending the auto detailing school and working with the trainers, the staff and the equipment is a wonderful experience but not everyone has the time to do that. So Detail King® has professionally produced 4 AMAZING Auto Detailing Marketing and Hands-On Training Videos that total about 5 hours of viewing. This NEW Video Series contains information on How To Start, Operate and Grow an Auto Detailing Business PLUS Step By Step Methods and Procedures of how to Professionally Detail a Vehicle.

Learn what you need to do to start your new auto detailing or mobile auto detailing business. Watch us professionally detail an entire car including the engine, the interior, and the exterior. All four videos total about 5 hours of step-by-step instruction and explanation of how to professionally detail a vehicle along with what you need to know to start and grow your new detailing business. We also include our written Auto Detailing Methods and Procedures Guide and a FREE 22-page copy of the video narrative of How To Start, Operate & Grow an Auto Detailing Business. This series is also a great training aid for your sales and detailing staff and even a good review for the seasoned professional. Learn More.

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