Auto Polishes & Glazes

Watch this video to see our paint correction and protection products in action!

Paint Correction Flow Chart

Our auto polishes, glazes and cleaners not only do a great job removing swirls and light duty paint imperfections but they also contain ingredients to protect the surfaces and leave a super wet look shine. Detail King’s car polishing products are all fruity scented and leave very little buffing dust behind making  them very user friendly. We also offer a quick and easy way to instill a dazzling shine on painted surfaces with our Final Touch Ultra Express Spray Wax. This polishing product is great to use after car washes or if you are on the go and just need a quick wax and shine! Final Touch Ultra can be used as an easy and profitable “step up” add-on service to your hand car washes. Speaking of Express, our Aqua Seal Wet Surface Polymer Sealant saves time by simplifying the steps. This patented express poly sealant product is applied to a wet surface, so as you are drying the vehicle you are also protecting it for up to 28 washes – AMAZING!  Separate your detailing services from your competition by offering an Express Poly Sealant and increase your bottom line. Be sure to also check out Detail King’s car polishing kit, packages and our wholesale discounts for case purchases.