How Much Do Auto Detailing Businesses Make?

Owning and operating your own car detailing business is really a very lucrative business opportunity. Just think about it – Every car, pick up truck, van, mini van and even motorcycles is a potential customer! All you have to do (besides doing awesome work) is figure out how you are going to get the “message” out to the individuals and companies that own these vehicles and tell them all about your services. You will also need to develop the right detailing services and value packages to fit all customer budgets. Watch Our “Make Big Money Detailing Cars” Video.

So as you can see the enormity of the possibilities here. It will take some planning, discipline and a lot of hard work, but Rome wasn’t built over night, but when it was, it was an empire that none could match. And your detailing business can also be that empire! Detail King can help you with everything you need not only with supplies, equipment and training but with the mentoring you will need to succeed. Also, Detail King has a blueprint of an Auto Detailing Business Plan that you should strongly consider reviewing, a business plan is the start of your roadmap to success!

We will teach you how to obtain commercial, fleet, and retail accounts by engaging your prospects and customers through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat and of course YouTube. You will begin to build a customer base wherein the majority of your business will be repeat customers and will also result in referral customers. The profit tables below are based on the least expensive auto detailing services that you will provide. No, not pie-in-the-sky promises here! Learn more about our Auto Detailing Training Seminars.

The following chart indicates the earnings that our Flex or Rupes Polishers are capable of producing if you were to operate mobile, full time or part time and only offer your least expensive services. Our suggested price nationwide, for our exterior waxing service is $69.95 per car, paint correction and waxing or sealing $99 to $199 and our carpet and upholstery shampooing is $39.95 – $69.95. Of course, what you choose to charge is entirely up to you. Ceramic Coatings are starting to get very popular so you may want to consider providing them for an even greater profit making opportunity!

How Much Can an Auto Detailer Make in One Year?

Gross Income For The Period Of:

1 Day 1 Week (5 Days) 1 Month (20 Days) 1 Year (240 Days)

If you wax only 2 cars per day

$139.90 $699.50 $2,798.00 $33,576.00

If you wax only 4 cars per day

$279.80 $1,399.00 $5,596.00 $67,152.00

If you wax only 6 cars per day

$419.70 $2,098.50 $8,394.00 $100,728.00

The average price of a complete detail — which would include an exterior machine polishing service and interior cleaning and detailing service —would be about $250. Let’s say you started part time working just the weekend detailing two cars per day. Your gross earnings could be between $1000 per weekend or up to $4,000 per month. Talk about some extra income!

Keep in mind that the average cost for supplies per car is about $5-10. Your other variable expenses — advertising, transportation, office expenses — would still only amount to about $10-15 per vehicle if you factored in those expenses. So if you detailed four cars per weekend, even with $15 cost per vehicle, your net profit per month after expenses could be $2160-3760. If you and a buddy did this together you could split the profits and expenses and get more volume out. Think of the potential! It will take time to ramp-up to having 4 cars scheduled every weekend @ $150-250 per car but it can happen if you are serious about making this opportunity work! Detail King is committed to helping you achieve your goals. To get a better idea of how to determine your operating costs per hour be sure to read this article on our car detailing blog, it describes how to determine your overhead on an hourly basis.

Even high school and college students can earn a great summer income and have an excellent experience running their own business. Let’s say you only work 5 days a week during the three summer months and only detail 1 car a day. You’ll still make more than $15,000.00. And that beats the heck out of flipping burgers!

How Much Can an Auto Detailer Make in One Summer?

Work 1 Day Per Week Work 5 Days Per Week Work 20 Days Per Month Work June Thru August

Detail 1 Car Per Day

$250 $1,250 $5,000 $15,000

Detail 2 Cars Per Day

$500 $2,500 $10,000 $30,000

Detail 3 Cars Per Day

$750 $3,750 $15,000 $45,000

The average price of a mobile detail, including an exterior machine polishing service and interior detailing service, is $125. But of course you can charge more depending on what you are providing and even charge as much as $250 or more depending on the size and condition of the vehicle. We offer an Interior Cleaning & Detailing Package for the Young Entrepreneur. We can also customize a package for you that meets your needs and budget.