Grit Guard Car Wash Buckets & Grit Guard Insert

Detail King features an awesome selection of Grit Guard car wash buckets, Grit Guard Inserts, truck wash brush extra-long buckets, auto detailing carts, rolling detailing seats, stools and Grit Guard Bucket Dollies. Be sure to check out our Grit Guard Car Washing System w/Gamma Seal and Dolly! These items play an important role assisting the detailer to save time and help make the detail job go smoother, quicker and easier. Grit Guard Inserts will help keep the dirt and grit off your car wash mitt. Our double bucket dollies come in handy when detailing over-sized vehicles like boats, RV’s and limousines. Many professional auto detailers use a two bucket system where as one bucket is set-up for the rinsing of the scrub brushes while the second bucket is strictly for the car wash shampoo and car wash mitts.