Detail King Authorized Licensees


What Is An Authorized Licensee?

A Detail King Authorized Licensee is a Detail King certified automotive detailing business. Each Authorized Licensee goes through an application process to ensure that only the best automotive detailers are representing the Detail King name.

An Authorized Licensee is not a Franchise owner of Detail King, but rather a privately owned and operated business that has gone through a vigorous process to be a part of this elite network.

These professional car detailers have been educated with the proper methods and procedures to make a vehicle look like a million bucks! They use only the very best professional car detailing products, and they all have the knowledge necessary to provide their customers with exceptional auto detailing services. For your convenience, many of our Detail King Authorized Licensees are mobile detailing operators or provide pick-up and delivery.

If you are looking to have your vehicle, or a fleet of vehicles, professionally detailed or cosmetically maintained you are in the right place. The Detail King Authorized Licensee Program is here to provide a network of the industry’s leading detailers.

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