Using Linkedin To Acquire Commercial Accounts For Your Auto Detailing Business

LinkedIn is a networking site for professionals and has more than 100 million members in over 200 countries. LinkedIn is a true “gold mine” and if used to its potential can create many golden opportunities for you and your mobile detailing business that you normally may not have been aware of. LinkedIn has features and tools that will allow you to connect to other individuals and companies that are in the same type of industry as you. Or to connect to potential decision makers of businesses in your area that you have not been able to get through too. You bypass the “gate keeper” and get right to the decision maker through LinkedIn.

There are a ton of great networking features that you can use to “connect” with the right people and industries. LinkedIn is like the “facebook” for professionals, the average income of a LinkedIn subscriber is $109,000.00 annually. Over the past 15 months LinkedIn has doubled its subscribers to now over 80 million. No other Social Media Networking organization has grown this fast in such a short period. To really grow your auto detailing business and tap potential customers and markets that you may never done so is by taking advantage of using LinkedIn and knowing it’s features and benefits. For the most part LinkedIn is free. You need to set-up a profile for you and your business and then “work” all the possibilities. LinkedIn will assist your growth by cultivating brand new accounts for your auto detailing or reconditioning business.