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Detail King, the leader in providing auto detailing supplies, equipment and training, was established in 1999 in Pittsburgh, PA, by auto detailing industry executive Nick Vacco. We have built a solid reputation by offering extraordinary customer service, high-quality car detailing products, and business opportunity start-up packages. We also provide auto detailing training through our private licensed training school — the Auto Detailing Training Institute.

Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with more than six decades of combined experience in the auto detailing industry. Besides offering expert advice on how to start, grow and operate an auto detailing business, Detail King support staff provides the technical knowledge necessary to successfully operate a fixed or mobile car detailing business. Our 21 year old company trains entrepreneurs interested in launching auto detailing businesses, as well as those who want to supplement their incomes with a weekend job and those who simply enjoy detailing their automobiles at home.

Initially Detail King back in 1999 was operated out of company founder & Former CEO Nick Vacco’s home. Detail King has grown rapidly, and now operates out of a 9,500 square-foot facility on two levels that houses sales, support and marketing staff, a state-of-the-art training center, a well-stocked showroom and two warehouses.

Letter from our Founder & Former CEO – Nick Vacco

Welcome to Detail King. I want to congratulate you on taking the very first step toward becoming an entrepreneur. About 31 years ago I started my own mobile auto detailing business out of the trunk of my car while I was still in college. After a few years and a lot of hard work I moved my new detailing business into a four-bay shop with a large showroom and customer waiting area. My detailing business was named “King Of The Road” Auto Appearance Center, and it soon became the most successful auto detailing and restyling business in Pittsburgh. King Of The Road quickly expanded and offered aftermarket installations of sunroofs, running boards, car alarms, remote starters and stereo systems. We even purchased a used Cadillac Limousine to shuttle our customers back and forth. That one limousine lead to what now is the largest and most versatile limousine company in the city of Pittsburgh today. One day someone offered me a large sum of money for the entire business and I sold it.

With the advent of the Internet and the World Wide Web, I saw a great opportunity to take what I had learned over the years and offer my expertise and relevant knowledge to other individuals. That’s when I set up Detailking.com in my home office. After a few years this business grew so fast that I hired a staff and move into a brand new 9,500 square-foot, two-building that currently houses our sales, support and marketing staff, training center, showroom and two warehouses. Detail King is now highly regarded as the premier leader in the auto detailing industry for supplies, equipment, training and customer support.

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Auto Detailing Certification

This is the only business I know of where you can make as much money as you are willing to work for. You can’t run out of clients, there are millions of vehicles on the road today, and most folks hate to wash and wax their vehicles. Plus, if you do a good job, you get an endless stream of repeat business and referral customers. It is up to you how big you want to become and how much money you want to make.

Most people need their cars cleaned, and we can teach you how to get a piece of that pie and keep it! At Detail King, we teach you how to “think out of the box” and cultivate profitable niches and acquire commercial accounts, fleet accounts, high-end retail customers and even profitable auto dealership accounts.

Just about anyone can own and operate an auto detailing business. There’s practically no overhead and your start-up costs are usually very low. You can be a part-time mobile detail operator like I was for a few years, then maybe quit your job and make it a full-time profitable career. Some people jump right into this and do it full-time. Whatever your choice, we’re committed to help you make it work.

Where else can you start up a business for under $1,800 and begin making your investment back the very first day? With auto detailing as your primary service, you can quickly — or slowly — branch out to include paint chip repair, headlight restoration, plastic trim restoration, carpet dying, cigarette burn repair, vinyl and leather repair and interior odor removal.

And we can furnish you with everything you will need to get started — the best auto detailing cleaning chemicals, polishes, supplies, equipment, training and support available in this industry. There are no franchise fees or royalties to pay. All the money you make is yours! You should seriously consider attending one of our auto detailing training seminars held at our headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. You will learn what you really need to do to get started with regards to licensing, advertising, marketing, operations, and hands-on training.

We have been offering auto detailing training classes since 1999 and have trained more than a thousand students from all over the globe. Today we are actually a private licensed training school and our curriculum has been approved by the Pennsylvania Board Of Education. Not many businesses offering auto detailing training can say that they have been in business for more than 20 years with an approved curriculum by their state. We can!


Many fledgling owners of auto detailing business start-ups don’t have a clue as to what is required to legally set up a new business in their state. But here at Detail King, we offer our customers a new, two-hour video DVD entitled, “How to Start, Operate & Grow an Auto Detailing Business.” This informative DVD explains what the new entrepreneur needs to know in order to get started, operate and grow his or her car detailing business. We will discuss the ground work for success and what should be included in your business plan. The DVD will also explain permits and licenses needed to operate your new detailing business, along with ways to promote your new business effectively through advertising, promotion, prospecting, marketing, social media, direct email, SMS text alerts and direct face-to-face selling.

Most new auto detailing business owners do not know how to price their jobs and usually don’t charge enough, eventually going out of business. In this DVD, you will learn how to estimate what your hourly operating costs are, and how to determine your profit margins. You will also learn the type of insurance needed to operate your business, how to choose a credit card processor, and the pros and cons of operating a mobile detailing or an affixed auto detailing business. You will also learn how to obtain profitable commercial fleet accounts, and how to advertise your business inexpensively with ways that you never even thought of! Included with the DVD is our 22-page Text Follow-Along for this Training Video. That enables you the opportunity to read the narrative anytime for reference and training purposes.

The cost of this two-hour DVD is only $89.95  We will ship it to your door right away so you can get ready to begin a new future! Just click here: Buy Me

One of the most important things to me is having fun and making money doing it. Owning your own auto detailing business or mobile auto detailing business can be profitable and fun. It can also be very lucrative. You can expand this business and offer other very profitable auto reconditioning services to your customer base. My manual will tell you all the secrets and tips you need to know to be very successful in this industry. You may also want to consider attending our weekend 2 day training seminar or even our 3 day training seminar. We not only will teach you how to professionally detail a car but also how to start it and grow it through advertising and promotion. We understand the importance of having a sound social media marketing plan including using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SMS text alerts (subscribe at top of page) and LinkedIn. Social media is also becoming a vital part of many businesses marketing plan. Detail King can help you develop your social media marketing plan for your car detailing business, car wash or auto reconditioning business.


You will be learning from the very best. Everything we teach you we’ve already done and perfected. This will help you avoid the “rookie” mistakes and pitfalls that new entrepreneurs can make. All the products that we offer we actually use in the field so we know how these products will work for you and what you may experience. This enables us better assist you in your development and growth. It’s much easier to start and grow a new business when you have someone to point you in the right direction. That someone is Detail King!


Finally, be sure you take a look at our Authorized Licensee Program, which enables you to get special pricing for our products and equipment, use of our Detail King logo in your advertising, get a discount for our training seminars, receive our special Authorized Licensee advertising and marketing tools CD. It also includes a professionally designed banner or sandwich sign with your business name, logo and the Detail King Authorized Licensee logo, ongoing support and training. No one in this industry offers a program like ours. We are very selective on who we approve to be authorized licensees. Many territories have been taken. Be sure to inquire to see if your territory is still available.

Nick Vacco, Founder & Former CEO
Detail King LP and DetailKing.com