Auto Detailing Clay Bars For Cars

Auto detailing clay bars for cars clean paint better than just washing the vehicle! Detailing clay was formerly developed for professional auto detailers and car dealers, but detail clay has made its way into the garages of car enthusiasts and the do-it-yourselfers thanks to its ease of use and terrific results. Detail King’s auto detailing clay bars are the safest and most effective way to totally clean car paint! Detail King offers 4 grades of clay bars and a specially formulated Clay Lubricant.

Auto detailers clay bars actually will remove the “invisible dirt” that is still lodged on the clear coat paint that a car wash will not remove. By removing this “invisible dirt” also known as environmental pollutants it will drastically reduce your polishing times, you will use less polish and your buffing pads will not need cleaned as often during the buffing procedure. This is one way for professional auto detailers to separate themselves from their competitors and make claying every detail stand operating procedure!

Detailing clay bars clean paint below the clear coat painted surface. Some pollutants and contaminants grip, even penetrate into the clear coat. Auto detailing detailing clay bar for cars safely and easily removes these contaminants from the paint and leaves the vehicle feeling smooth and slick. There’s no need to compound to remove overspray, bugs, or road grime – detailing clay removes it all! Do not use a clay bar to remove tar splatters or tree sap. Tar should be removed with Tar Remover and tree Sap can be removed with Ex Con or rubbing Alcohol.