Car Detailing & Cleaning Towels

Detail King offers huge selection of commercial grade car detailing towels and cleaning towels including thick turk towels, shop towels, lint free window towels and shop paper towels. All of our towels for car detailing are of the highest quality textiles available. Be sure to also check out our microfiber towel departmentWhen washing your car detailing towels never use bleach or detergents that contain bleach. Using bleach will cause your auto detailing towels to break down quicker and lint.

Also, do not use fabric softener because it will cause the towels not to be as absorbent. Be sure to check out our Clean All which is a specialized detergent formulated to deep clean and condition towels for auto detailing. It is a good practice to separate all of your various detailing task towels when washing, to avoid cross contamination.

Periodically after you have washed a load of your car detailing towels it is a good idea to run them through an additional wash cycle just using a cup of vinegar. The vinegar will actually release lint and season the towels to make them absorb better. We have a great Auto Detailing Towel Variety Pack that includes an assortment of microfiber towels, window cleaning towels, car interior cleaning towels and very thick white Turkish towels. To properly wash and care for your auto detailing towels be sure to watch this video.