Rupes (Roo-Pes) has been a stand out in the manufacturing of innovative power tools since the company’s birth in 1947. Rupes is an Italian company that strongly believes that innovation and quality come ahead of everything else. Car polishers manufactured by Rupes goes through very rigorous testing before it is made available to buy. Rupes houses a state-of-the-art R & D Center where all tools are computer designed and tailored to each respective market’s needs. The Rupes LHR 15ES and LHR 21ES Random Orbital “Big Foot” Polishers – the first two Rupes products to make the U.S. debut – are exemplary examples of their gallant company mission statement. Today, Rupes continues producing more advanced and powerful polishers with the addition of the LHR 21 & LHR 15 Mark III’s.

The Rupes Big Foot Random Orbital Polishing System is an assembly of car polishers, specially formulated polishing compounds and foam  microfiber polishing pads designed specifically for the professional auto detailer and car hobbyist who command an extraordinary finish. Rupes spent years perfecting this system by collecting information from users around the globe, making sure every foam pad and polishing compound performed impeccably on all paint systems when used with the Big Foot Random Orbital Polishing System. The Rupes Big Foot Random Orbital Polishing System guarantees quicker paint correction than any other buffing and polishing system on the market without giving up the quality of the finish. The two newest Rupes Random Orbital Polishers are the LHR 21 Mark III and the Mille LK900E Gear Driven Polisher which are both great for polishing difficult shapes and for spot repair operations.

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