Car Buffing Pads

Detail King is your best source for 7 inch foam buffing pads (formerly known as 3M Edge Pads) for your auto buffer. If you are looking for a foam polishing pad or foam compounding pads we have the Hi-Buff foam polishing pad available in five different grades of foam for heavy compounding, medium duty compounding, glazing, polishing and final finishing. There are a few select random orbital polishers on the market today that many detailers are using to do medium duty paint correction with. Although some painted surfaces are in such bad shape that you still may need to use a rotary buffer and Detail King has the polishing pads and buffing pads so you can get that more difficult paint correction job done right. Many of you call in and ask how to clean buffing pads, we recommend to use the universal pad cleaning machine to keep your buffing pads cleaned and conditioned. The Wave Double Sided Edge pads are no longer available. You will need a Velcro backing plate for the Hi Buff single sided 7” foam pads.