Headlight Restoration Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Will resurfacing my headlights improve visibility while driving at night?
Yes. Resurfacing your lenses may improve your night visibility by as much as 95 percent. Driving with yellowed or clouded lenses is a safety hazard. After resurfacing your lenses you will notice that you no longer need to drive with your brights on all the time.

2. Can I resurface the lens to prevent yellowing if there is nothing wrong with the lens?
Yes. We strongly recommend this. Follow all three steps as if you are resurfacing an older lens. We recommend repeating this every 12 to 24 months for best results.

3. I’ve resurfaced my headlights using your system and they look great. How long will these refurbished lights look good?
This is dependent upon a number of different factors, including climate, amount of UV (sun) exposure, salty ocean air, high mineral content in water, improper cleaning and caring for your vehicle, and other causes. Our product was developed and tested in Southeast Florida, where we are subject to the worst of all of these elements. The headlights we’ve done still look great!

4. Is the yellow on some headlights coming from the inside?
It’s possible. Depending on the car and how well the headlight is sealed, some headlights do have a little bit of yellow originating from the inside. This is usually just a small portion of the damage you are seeing and using our system can dramatically improve the appearance and your visibility at night.

5. The lights on my car have a gritty feel to them and I can see pits in the plastic. Can your system fix this?
Yes. This type of repair takes a little more work, but you’ll still be done with both headlights in less than 10 minutes. Call us for more detailed instruction if needed.

6. Can I use this on the red and yellow plastic that the blinkers and taillights are made out of?
Yes. This system can be used on any type of plastic. It doesn’t even need to be automobile related.

7. After I finished Step 2 ( the oxidation remover) my lens was already very clear and shiny. Do I need to use Step 3, the shine restorer?
Yes. The Shine Restorer not only increases the shine but it protects and seals the lens. If you do not use the Shine Restorer the lens will start to dull within a few days.

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