Aquapel Frequently Asked Questions

How long will Aquapel Glass Treatment last on a vehicle once applied?

Aquapel will last six (6) times longer than other rain repellent glass treatments.
Aquapel will last for months, under normal driving conditions.

How does Aquapel work?

PPG’s proprietary hydrophobic glass treatment adheres to glass, forming a chemical bond. Aquapel Increases contact angle of water, causing it to bead and easily shed off glass.

How much time does it take to apply Aquapel?

Easy to apply in minutes windshield must be clean and dry.

How is Aquapel different from other rain repellent products?

Aquapel uses Fluoropolymer technology vs. silicon wax-based chemistry.
Chemical bond actually adheres to glass. Lasts at least six times longer, more durable performance.

Will Aquapel Glass Treatment remain effective after:

  • Going through an automatic car wash?
  • Using a squeegee and blue water cleaner?
  • Using common ammonia-based glass cleaners?

Yes, yes and yes. Aquapel Glass Treatment will last!

What is Aquapel Glass Treatment’s effect on windshield repairs?

The treatment will not migrate into a new crack.
Current testing by leading windshield repair suppliers on performance over resin repairs have no concerns.

How can I sell and market Aquapel Glass Treatment?

  • Value-added service promotes safety; Aquapel Glass Treatment offers driver clearer and better vision.
  • Need to refurbish product in months brings opportunity for reoccurring revenues.
  • Sell to commercial and fleet accounts.
  • New car dealers – Offer for every vehicle sold or leased as a new customer care service.
  • Talk to insurance industry professionals as a value-added service.
  • Emergency vehicles, utility companies, and any commercial fleet where safety is critical.

Not to be used as a substitute for wiper systems.