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One Steps Polishes & Compounds – Time Savers

One Steps Polishes & Compounds – Time Savers


One Step Polish & Compound Products

Paint Correction Flow Chart

Save time with our one step polishes and one step compounds. These polishing compound products will actually save the professional auto detailer one paint correction step. Our “time savers” are essential to have especially when you are performing maintenance details and providing wholesale auto detailing services to car dealers. Our buffing compounds will also give you a “head start” over your competition by making it possible for you to reach more customers and strategize your marketing plans, with the time these products save you!

  • One Step Prep II (Polish & Wax in 1) - Butterscotch Color



    One Step Prep II is a single step polish, glaze, cleaner and wax in one! One Step Prep is the best polish and wax product in one to be used for regular maintenance detailing, wholesale work and for the customer who is not willing to pay for a two step service or the vehicle appearance needs little attention....

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  • Buff & Bling!! - One Step Compound & Polish in 1



    Buff & Bling!! is an aggressive polishing compound. It begins working like a Compound and will remove many moderate to heavy surface imperfections. As buffing continues, Buff & Bling's!! unique abrasive system breaks down into a finer polish. This metamorphosis enables the professional user to compound, polish...

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  • Blue Diamond Premium Polish & Sealant



    Blue Diamond Premium Polish & Sealant is the best car polish to use in any automotive body shop, due to the fact, that it is a 100% silicone free polish. It is a very unique polish that not only imparts a dazzling gloss, it will also remove buffer swirls, micro surface imperfections and light oxidation. Blue...

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