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Business Package “X”

Business Package “X”


Customize Your Own Auto Detailing Start Up Kit!



Product Details

Detail King’s Auto Detailing Business Start Up Kit “X” allows you to CUSTOMIZE your own auto detailing business package the way you want it! We have organized the various detailing equipment, supplies, chemicals and detailing tools in groups so you can select what you specifically want. You will also get a discount on the package you customize. The more products you choose, the deeper the discount gets!

Click on the links below to view the various detailing products. You can select the buffer, polisher, extractor, even the various sizes of chemical cleaner and dressing containers that you want. CUSTOMIZING your own auto detailing start-up kit is fun and gives you the flexibility to not only choose the products that you want but it also allows you to stay within your budget!

You do not have to make choices in each of the Product Groups below. We are just suggesting what you may need and the amounts. Again this is totally your choice of what you choose when customizing your Business Package “X” Start-Up Kit. Listed below are the codes you can use when checking out in the shopping cart based on your total spend. Use the code that corresponds to your total before shipping costs.

Business Package “X” Discount Grid



Business Package “X” Product Groups

Rotary Buffers

Makita High Speed Buffer
De Walt High Speed Buffer
Flex High Speed Buffer
Flex Mini High Speed Buffer

DA Polisher (choose up to 1)

Flex XFE 7-15 150 Random Orbital Polisher
Flex DA Polisher
Porter Cable Polisher
Rupes Big Foot 21
Rupes Big Foot 15
Cyclo Polisher
Cyclo Variable Speed Polisher
Gem 14.5 Lb. Orbital
Gem 16 Lb. Orbital

Buffing and Polishing Pads, Bonnets and Brushes (pick the pads for the equipment you chose)

Rotary Buffer Pads
Polishing Pads and Bonnets for Orbital Polishers

Heated Interior Extractor (choose up to 1)

Mytee Lite 8070
Mytee HP 60 Spyder
Mytee HP 100 Grand Prix
Mytee Deluxe Prep Center
Detailer 1700 Heated Extractor

Vapor Steamer (choose up to one)

Vapamore MR-75 Amico Vapor Steamer
Vapamore MR-100 Primo Vapor Steamer
Vapamore MR-1000 Forza Vapor Steamer
DK 5000 Vapor Steamer

Pressure Washer (choose up to one)

DK2000 Skid Mounted Pressure Washer
Honda Mobile Wash System
Honda Skid Mounted Pressure Washer
Pressure Washer w/Generator
Eco Friendly Low Pressure Washer

Mobile Wash Equipment

Water Tanks
Car Wash Mats
Shade Canopies
Spot Free Water Filters
Water Reclamation Systems
Eco Friendly Washing Equipment

Mobile Detailing Trailer (choose up to one)

DK5800 Enclosed Mobile Detailing Trailer
DK6800 Enclosed Mobile Detailing Trailer
Mobile Auto Detailing Trailer
Mobile Car Wash Trailer

Ozone Generators (choose up to one)

FM1 Ozone Generator
FM2 Ozone Generator
Pro 4 Ozone Generator
Pro 44 Ozone Generator
Pro 8 Ozone Generator

Tornador Car Tools (choose up to two)

Tornador Classic Interior Car Tool
Tornador Black Interior Car Tool
Tornador Foam Gun
Tornador Velocity Vac

Paint Correction Compounds (choose up to three)

Diamond Cut ULTRA Micro Diminishing Compound
Diamond Cut Micro Diminishing Compound
Vibra Cut II Heavy Duty Clear Coat Compound
Vibra Cut Lite Clear Coat Compound
Extreme Cut Compound for Boats & RV’s

Paint Correction Polishes & Glazes (choose up to two)

Blue Diamond Polish Glaze
Foam Pad Glaze II
Zippy Car Wax Polish Glaze

Time Saver One Step Polishes (choose up to two)

One Step Prep II (polish and wax)
One Step Prep I (polish and wax)
Buff ‘N Bling (compound and polish)

Waxes and Sealants (choose up to two)

Cherry Wet Wax
STS 3000 Polymer Sealant
Carnauba Paste Wax

Express Waxes and Polishes (choose up to two)

Miracle Mist Express Spray Shine
Final Touch Ultra Spray Wax
Aqua Seal Wet Surface Polymer

Exterior Cleaning Chemicals (choose 1-3 from each group)

Car Exterior Soaps and Cleaners
Car Exterior Degreasers and Wheel Cleaners
Auto Tire and Rubber Dressings
Aerosol Detailing Products
Car Trim Restorer
Nanoskin AutoScrub Towels and Pads
Auto Detailing Clay Bars
Convertible Top Products
Specialty Cleaners
DK Suggestion: Special Purchase Exterior Chemical Package

Interior Detailing Chemicals (choose 2-3 from each group)

Car Interior Soaps and Cleaners
Car Interior Dressings and Conditioners
Car Interior Scents and Odor Removal
Auto Detailing Sprays and Aerosols
Leather Cleaning and Conditioning Products
Carpet Dyes and Kits
DK Suggestion: Special Purchase Interior Chemical Package

Scrub and Detail Brushes (choose several)

Exterior Car Wash Brushes
Truck Wash Brushes
Interior Scrub Brushes
Auto Detailing Brushes
Scrub and Detail Brush Kits
DK Suggestion: Platinum Brush Kit

Miscellaneous Detailing Supplies & Accessories (choose several)

The Detail Mate w/ Master Brush Kit
Lights For Auto Detailing
Dressing and Wax Applicators
Sponges, Scrubbers, Chamois and Wash Mitts
Spray Bottles and Dispensing Systems
Bottle Sprayers
Buckets, Dollies and Grit Guards
Auto Detailing Towels
Microfiber Towels and Products
Wet Sanding Materials
DK Suggestion: Auto Detailing Towel Variety Pack
DK Suggestion: Bucket Of Various Applicators and Sponges

Miscellaneous Helpful Items

Paper Floor Mats
Plastic Seat Covers and Steering Wheel Covers
Plastic Carpet Protectors

Auto Reconditioning Profit Centers

Headlight Restoration Kits and Supplies
Car Trim Restorer
Auto Paint Chip Repair
Paintless Dent Repair
Leather and Vinyl Repair
Cigarette Burn Repair
Carpet Dyes and Kits
Automotive Glass Repair

Branding and Marketing Service and Tools

Auto Detailing Business Promotional Video
Logo and Business Card Development
Auto Detailing Flyers, Forms and Checklists
Reminder Static Cling Stickers

Authorized Licensee Program (cannot be added to cart)

Hands On Training Class (cannot be added to cart)

*There are no returns on business packages.