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Step-By-Step: Train Your Staff

Train ‘em early, train ‘em often and train ‘em right for detail shop success.

by: Nick Vacco

Properly training your detailing staff from the very beginning is critical for a successful auto detailing business. Without a training and management plan, detail business owners quickly lose control of quality which is necessary for the success of their business.

This article is not intended to teach you how to detail a car, but to emphasize the important areas of training for the employee. Your detailing staff should eventually all be taught how to detail a vehicle inside and out; including the engine and trunk components.

Job checklist

The first thing you should create is a standard operating procedures document (SOP). Every single employee should be provided a copy of the SOP and this document should be reviewed with them periodically to be sure it is being followed.

Your company’s SOP should contain methods and procedures pertaining to the responsibilities that have been delegated to each member of your staff. By creating and using this document it will ensure consistency and be a great tool — especially for new hires.

The SOP should include the five job categories that encompass the services offered at every detail operation. Once the employee has mastered a job then move to the next one on the list.

You can divide the various jobs in the following way:

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