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  • Chris Martin – I Was Blown Away

    I attended the Detail King 2 day Technician training on May 20-21 2017 and I was blown away by what I learned. The business aspect on day one had my mind thinking of different ways I could promote and market my business. The second was just as awesome as the first day. Learning the proper […] LEARN MORE

  • Michael Payne – The Best Training

    The best three day auto detailing training I have ever experienced, would gladly and happily recommend would recommend the Detail King training course  to anyone interested and or thinking about joining the auto detailing industry. I graduated April 2017. LEARN MORE

  • Cody Wedlake – I Thought I Knew Detailing

    Detail king helped me fully understand auto detailing chemicals and there usage. Before coming to the technician training program I thought I knew Detailing, they opened up a new perspective. I would recommend either auto detailing course to anyone with it without a background in detailing. I graduated March 2017. LEARN MORE

  • Brian Hirahara

    Detail King provided Prompt shipping, shipment received in great condition. LEARN MORE

  • Steven Fiore – Nick Vacco Is a Marketing Genius

    I attended the 2017 February Craftsman Auto Detailing Training program at Detail King  and it was a very thorough program, Nick Vacco gave such a complete, professional detailing training course. I highly recommend this for someone just starting up, or someone that wants to learn the latest detailing techniques. The facility was clean, and beautiful, […] LEARN MORE

  • Detail King Product Review

    Thank you for your kind offer of a $10 off discount in exchange for an on line review, however I must decline.  Why?  Because I do not do on line product reviews.  I believe they are an excuse for cheap shot artists to post criticisms they do not have the courage to offer face to face and […] LEARN MORE

  • Josh Rice

    I purchased the Detail King Auto Detailing Business In a Bucket for $190.95 on 10/20/2014. Today I purchased my mobile van with only money that I made from that package. I also would like to add that I just put in a order for gallon jugs of everything that came in pints with my first […] LEARN MORE

  • Joe Losee

    Detail King really helped me to understand the process of paint correction which will benefit my auto detailing business greatly. The trainers are very knowledgeable and the Detail King’s auto detailing products are great. I definitely recommend the Detail King seminar to anyone interested in starting or improving their auto detailing business. I graduated from the course […] LEARN MORE

  • Rafael Hernandez

    After participating at the Detail King auto detailing training seminar I came to realize how many mistakes I made while detailing automobiles. I have been detailing for about a year and a half and thought I had it down. The Detail King seminar for automobile detailing is a thorough, step by step course, that will […] LEARN MORE

  • Javier Morgades

    Where to start? Nick and his Detail King staff were awesome. I have been using Detail King’s product for awhile now and decided to invest in the class. The detailing training class taught me everything I needed to know from starting a business to utilizing the products the proper way. Many thanks to the staff […] LEARN MORE